Quota-aware Video Adaptation

Two emerging trends of Internet applications, video traffic becoming dominant and usage-based pricing plans becoming prevalent, are at odds with each other. On one hand, videos, especially on high-resolution devices (e.g., iPhone 5, iPad, Android tablets), consume much more data than other types of traffic; for instance, 15 min of low bitrate YouTube videos per day uses 1 GB a month. On the other hand, gone are the days of unlimited data plans; instead, wireless ISPs such as AT&T and Verizon are imposing data caps on consumers. Given this conflict, a natural question to ask is: Can the consumer stay within her monthly data quota without suffering a noticeable drop in video quality? My research in this area focuses on designing algorithms to maximize the user's quality of experience and stay under the data quota, by leveraging the user's past data consumption profile and video preferences.


Chen J, Ghosh A, Magutt J, Chiang M, "QAVA: Quota-Aware Video Adaptation", CoNEXT 2012 (slides)