November 19, 2015

Chiang and EDGE Lab help co-found Open Fog Consortium

Today a coalition of technology leaders, including ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and the Princeton University Edge Laboratory have come together to form the Open Fog Consortium, a non-profit industry-academic consortium in the emergent trend of Fog Networking. Director of Princeton University Edge Laboratory and Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering, Mung Chiang, is a co-founder and board member of the Consortium, which now opens its membership to industry and universities around the world.

Fog computing and Fog networking technologies distribute the resources and services of computation, communication, control and storage closer to devices and systems at or near the users. This non-profit global consortium will drive industry and academic leadership in fog computing architectures with whitepapers, testbeds and other deliverables that demonstrate best practices for interoperability and composability between cloud and edge architectures. By leveraging existing standards work and proven approaches, the consortium will reduce the time required to deliver the end-to-end Internet of Things scenarios (technologies, architectures, testbeds, and business development) that the market is demanding.

The Open Fog Consortium will be building the initial framework and architecture through early 2016, with additional announcements expected at IoT World Forum in Dubai, December 6-8, 2015. Learn more about the Open Fog Consortium and the benefits of membership at and follow us on Twitter @OpenFog

Mung Chiang has been a pioneering research leader in the field of Fog Computing and Networking. He also teaches an online course on Fog Networking for IoT and 5G, co-edits a book on Fog Networking, and co-chairs various conferences, workshops and forums on the subject. Open Fog Consortium is one of the rare cases where a university lab co-founds a major global consortium along with leading technology companies. It demonstrates the engagement between Princeton University and the industry to turn fundamental research advances into visible impact on society. For inquiries about Open Fog Consortium and Princeton University Edge Laboratory, contact Mung Chiang at