Author's Kit

The submission is handled via EDAS system ( Only PDF files are acceptable; please make sure that the paper prints without problems (take care to embed all required fonts, etc.). Full papers of up to 8 pages, in IEEE conference double-column format, will be published in the conference proceedings. Failure to meet the formatting guidelines set here will result in your paper not being included in the Proceedings CD.


WiOpt 2011: Instructions for final paper submissions

( pdf docx )

STEP 1: Complete a properly formatted paper document

STEP 2: Generate your PDF file using IEEE PDF eXpressTM


After creating your manuscript(s) using the template detailed in step 1, use IEEE PDF eXpress to obtain IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s). For this purpose, go to




Click on the 'New User' option to create an IEEE PDF eXpress account.
Conference ID: WiOPT11x




Upload source file(s) for Conversion and/or PDF(s) for checking. The site contains extensive instructions, resources, helpful hints, and access to technical support.




Proofread the PDF file generated thoroughly. There could be missing symbols, equations, graphs and also errors reported. Please re-prepare the source file and repeat the conversion again. If problem persist, please use the online help provided in the PDF eXpress’s site to seek for their advice.

IMPORTANT: Only after you obtain IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs then proceed to Step 3. Any attempt to bypass the problem MAY result in your paper not be included in IEEE Xplore. Author with multiple papers are to make submission separately.

STEP 3: Register for the Conference

STEP 4: Submit the paper and copyright form through EDAS




Log in your EDAS account. Submit the PDF file obtained from IEEE PDF eXpress through EDAS. Please use your earlier EDAS paper ID to upload the PDF file. Do not create a new paper ID.




Update the authors' list, paper title, affiliation and abstract. The information will be used to prepare the final program and the table of content of conference CD.




You also have to submit the IEEE Copyright Form through EDAS.



All papers must be in English.

When creating a PDF file, please make sure that you are using Type 1 fonts, which are embeddable. Please make sure that all fonts and subset fonts are embedded.


Graphics should be inserted, rather than cutting and pasting. Do not link to a graphic. All graphics have to be vector formats; including bitmap formats usually results in inferior quality. If bitmaps are required, typically to reproduce fotographs, they should have resolutions of 600dpi for monochrome, 300 dpi for grayscale, and 300 dpi for color. (Please pay particular attention to including vector formats when using MS Word or similar programs as there the danger of inadvertently using bitmaps is high.)


Each paper should contain an abstract up to 150 words that appears at the beginning of the document.


List and number all references at the end of the document. The references can be numbered in alphabetical order or in order of appearance in the paper. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference number in square brackets as shown at the end of this sentence [1]. The end of the document should include a list of references containing information similar to the following example:

[1] D. E. Ingalls, "Image Processing for Experts," IEEE Trans. ASSP, vol. ASSP-36, pp. 1932-1948, 1988.

Illustrations & Colors

Illustrations must appear within the designated margins. They may span the two columns. If possible, position illustrations at the top of columns, rather than in the middle or at the bottom. Caption and number every illustration. All halftone illustrations must be clear in black and white.

Page Numbers

Do not put page numbers on your document. We will add appropriate page numbers to accepted papers when the conference proceedings are assembled.