On April 28, 2011, the Princeton EDGE Lab had its first open house. About 60 participants from 25 institutions and companies participated in the full day of program. You can watch the presentations and demos below.

Date: April 28, 2011
Location: Engineering Quadrangle, Princeton University

8:00am Breakfast (Room J323)
8:30am Open Remarks (J323), Peter Ramadge (Chair of EE Department)
8:40am EDGE Lab Overview (J323), Mung Chiang pdf

Part I: EDGE Lab Presentations (Room J323)

9:00am Optimizer on WiFi Driver, Mung Chiang pdf
9:20am Architecting Massive Content Delivery, Joe Jiang pdf
9:40am Bridging Content-Pipe Divide, Amitabha Ghosh, Haris Kremo, and Jiasi Chen pdf
10:00am TUBE: Pricing by Timing, Sangtae Ha and Soumya Sen pdf
10:20am Online Trading and Influence, Chris Leberknight and Felix Wong pdf
10:40am Optimal Sleeping, Yiannis Kamitsos and Sangtae Ha pdf

11:00am     Keynote: Strategic Directions of Princeton Engineering
Vincent Poor (Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Science)

Part II: EDGE Lab Demos (Rooms B313 and B327)

11:30am TUBE Demo (pricing mobile data by timing)

Sharing Mart Demo (online content trading)

1Mbps P2P Demo (high quality content distribution)

Power Control Demo (video over wireless)

Server Sleeping Demo (energy-efficient data center)

Part III: Discussions (Room J323)

12:30pm Lunch
1:00pm Discussion

Part IV: Invited Talks (Room J323)

2:15pm Scalable Management of Enterprise and Data Center Networks
Jennifer Rexford (Professor, CS, Princeton)
2:45pm Theory and Practice of Content Delivery: Acceleration and Energy Efficiency
Steven Low (Professor, CS and EE, Caltech)
3:15pm AIMI: Enabling Multiuser Communication using AP-side only MIMO
Injong Rhee (Professor, CS, NCSU)
3:45pm Bridging the Theory-Practice Gap in Wireless Networking
Dipankar Raychaudhuri (Director of WINLAB, Rutgers)

4:30pm Keynote and Public Lecture (Room B205): Designing and Operating Global Networks
Keith Cambron (President and CEO, AT&T Labs)

6:00pm Dinner