How Facebook decides what stories to show on your newsfeed

Facebook Edge Rank and Graph Rank
While reading Q8 about how I influence people on Facebook and twitter, I naturally visited Facebook, partly to distract myself and also see what my friends were doing and noticed that only some of my friends’ updates were visible on my news feed. When we visit Facebook, our home page shows us the updates of many people, but you must have noticed that it doesn’t always show the updates of everyone in our friend group. For many users, that would be a bit overwhelming, not to mention that many users don’t want updates on every single Facebook friend. For example, I added a new friend just before checking my home page, and the status update that she had made just a few seconds ago was not visible on my home page. So I read up a bit on how Facebook decides on what stories to show a given person on their home page. Here is the general overview of their organizational method:
There are two ranking algorithms, Graph Rank and Edge Rank. Graph rank is more for open graph applications, while Edge Rank is what affects the posts and updates that show up on your newsfeed. Facebook assigns a rank to ever possible story that may be visible on your newsfeed, and the rank is determined by 3 things: affinity, weight and time. You want the news feed to show recent updates, so time is a natural factor. The weight is determined by the type of post, where a photo update, link or video is more important than a simple text update or comment on another friend’s post. Also, if you are the type of person that clicks on photos more often than links, there will be more photos on your news feed. Finally, affinity is the relationship between you and the friend or page that created the post. The affinity between you and a page or another friend is determined by how much you interact with that friend or page. If you check their page or comment on their status and photos more, their posts and updates are much more likely to show up on your news feed. This last one is the one that really determine who makes your one personal news feed. There are much more involved equations that I will not include in this short blog post. In summary, if you just accepted a new friend request and what to see that person’s updates, it just means that you should to visit their profile and comment on their updates more. Note: This will not increase the probability of you showing up on their news feed.
If you are interested, you can learn a bit more at this site on Edge Rank:
and on Graph Rank:

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