Optical fibers as the next, big trend in broadband


In this article, the optical fibers have been praised and are considered as “the next big technology for connecting increasingly data-hungry world to the Internet”. In fact, optical fibers has been the key technology for long distance wiring that makes up the backbone of the internet, and recently optical fibers are also wanted to be used in wiring between the backbone and end-point as in the houses or offices etc. It is argued that benefits of using optical fibers outweighs its comparably higher price. For example, by using DSL or cable, we are able to achieve 6 Mbps at most in the practice, while a fiber can hit to 35 Mbps, six times faster than DSL or cable.

Also, virtually unlimited bandwidth provided by optical fiber netwoks can handle the increasing trend in data transmission over internet via online streaming, video, file sharing, IPTV, cloud computing, social networking and so on. In summary, fiber seems as boosting data rates and extending reach over copper fiber.

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