Startups in the TV White Space domain

A note on the burst of activities we saw after the TV White Space ruling by FCC: Seems like a number of companies were formed in the 2007-2010 period, though activities seem to have slowed down over the last 12 months or so. Opportunity for innovative wireless technology or another new tech bill killed by the politics: remains to be seen !

While a host of big companies are already involved in various aspects of TV White Space (see a recent survey on TV White Space Cognitive Radio Patent portfolio); a stream of startups are emerging with an eye on the TVWS applications. Brief info on some of them:

1. Spectrum Bridge: Formed in 2007, is leading the field trials for TVWS deployment and is one of the Database Admins assigned by FCC. Focus: database, application software, value added services, and full network deployment
2. Adaptrum: Small Silicon Valley Startup, formed in 2004 with ties with UC Berkeley. Built one of the 1st White Space hardware for FCC approval along with the big players – Microsoft, Philips and Motorola. Focus seems to be hardware implementation but they also mention real-time resource monitoring, automated resource management, and self forming and optimizing networking capability in their company profile.
3. Neul: UK based startup founded in 2010. Aims to use the TV White Space for machine-to-machine communication like smart-grid, asset tracking, vehicular systems, remote health monitoring etc. Team looks impressive, not much impact as yet.
4. Key Bridge Global: A 2001 company which joined the TVWS bandwagon as a database administrator, though the revenue model is unclear for all the database providers. Have created a subsidiary called dsa, with some generic details about TVWS on the website for now.
A long list of interested parties can be obtained from the current members list of Wireless Innovation
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