The age of big data

Recently, the above article about “big data” in NYTimes raises heated discussions. Definitely we are in the era of “big data”. Sensors all around the world are collecting tons of data every┬ásecond. Even our smart phones contain a bunch of small sensors, which records our everyday life. Storage companies, such as EMC, are in the best of their time.

However, one of the biggest questions is what we can do with so much data. It seems that people were drowned in such a big amount of data. As the stories in the article shows, people are still lack of the ability to discover useful information from large-scale data. While people are continuously spending money on collecting more and more data, such investment does not seem to have enough reward now. This is where needs more development in computer science, not only theoretical results in data mining and machine learning, but also real systems that can be put into practical use.

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