Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my billing start date?

The billing start date is the date your carrier starts the new billing interval. You can find the date on your monthly bill or in your account at the carriers website.

Do I have to set alerts for weeks and days, or can I just set a monthly cap alert?

It's totally up to you. When you install DataWiz one alert for 100% of your monthly cap has already been setup for you. To keep a better overview of your mobile data consumption we suggest you create at least one alert for your weekly cap.

Where can I get a VOIP SIP Account?

There are many service providers which offer free accounts (e.g., Linphone). However, the free services usually don't allow calls to landline and cell phones. Some providers offer those calling features for a small fee. A quick Google search will help you find the right provider for you. Further down are instruction on how to setup the app.

How does DataWiz impact the battery life of my device?

To accurately record your mobile data usage, DataWiz has to run in the background. However, most of the time it is inactive and only wakes up for a few seconds. The impact on battery life is negligible.

Will using a VOIP SIP account reduce battery life?

Using VOIP SIP will not significantly reduce battery life. DataWiz has been optimized to use as less battery as possible.

Which protocol (TCP or UDP) should I choose for my SIP connection.

Most providers use UDP. But Apple allows only TCP VOIP connections to stay alive while the app is backgrounded. So if your VOIP provider supports TCP, you should use it to receive calls even if the app is in the background.

How can I add more cap alerts?

Tap the settings button and select. Now you can see an overview of all your current alerts. To create a new one, just tap the plus button and configure it to your liking.

Does this count my WiFi usage as well under the caps?

No, caps are only being used for mobile data. If you want to know your WiFi data consumption, just take a look at the graphs on the home screen of DataWiz.

What is "Use Suggested Daily Cap" in the daily cap settings?

When you enable this feature, an intelligent algorithm will predict your daily cap based on your past mobile data consumption. To provide you with reliable predictions, the algorithm needs at least seven days of recorded usage.

How do the algorithms work?

The intelligent algorithms analyze your past mobile data consumption. They detect patterns like "mobile data usage is higher on Fridays" and make predictions for the next day, as well as for the rest of the billing cycle. To generate reliable predictions, the algorithms need at lest seven days of recorded usage.

Is my recorded usage being sent to servers for analysis?

No, DataWiz performs all the calculations and analysis on your device. No recorded usage or GPS information is being send to us or any other party. Your data stays your data.

How often are the usage records being updated?

To preserve battery life the usage records are being updated every 10 minutes and when you bring the app to the foreground.

Will DataWiz's VOIP feature also work with Skype or Google Voice?

No, DataWiz supports only VOIP SIP.

Where can I find the License Agreement for DataWiz Android?

View the DataWiz Android License Agreement here.

How to setup the app for VOIP?

First you'll have to create an account with one of the many VOIP SIP providers. Linphone is offering a free service to call other SIP clients, for a small charge Sipgate will allow you to make calls to landline and mobile phones. Or just google to find the right provider for you.

Once you have created an account the VOIP provider will provide you with the details which you will have to provide to the app. Open the VOIP part of the app and go to the settings screen. Select SIP Account and enter the details you got from the provider.

User Name & Password: The user name and password you choose for your VOIP account.

Domain: The domain the app will have to use for its connections. e.g.

Proxy: In most cases you won't have to enter any information here. But some services rely on proxies. In these rare cases the provider will let you know what to enter.

Protocol: VOIP SIP connections can be made via the tcp or udp protocols. Apple only supports tcp for incoming calls while a VOIP app is backgrounded. However, some providers don't offer VOIP via the tcp protocol.

Outbound Proxy: Usually not needed. The provider will let you know if you should enable this option.