About Us

DataWiz was developed by members of Princeton University's EDGE Lab to help mobile data subscribers (that's you) keep track of and manage their data usage. The idea for this app grew out of Datami, our research project on mobile data pricing--we've looked at a lot of different pricing plans that service providers might implement in the future. But an important part of pricing research, of course, concerns you--the actual users. So we wanted to introduce a user's perspective into our research. After finding that a lot of people are confused by new data plans with monthly usage caps, we decided to make DataWiz, which helps people understand when and how much they're using. We've learned a lot from developing the app, and we hope that you find it useful.

The Datami project comprises a diverse group of people, including professional app developers as well as Princeton faculty, research staff, and students. You can see a list of the team members here.