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Princeton Trial

We ran a time-dependent pricing (TUBE) trial with 50 Princeton users from April 2011 to February 2012. Our trial participants were University faculty, staff, and students, as well as their family members; 27 were iPhone users and 23 were iPad users. We acted as a resale ISP to the participants, paying their AT&T data bills and charging them according to the time-dependent prices offered. We also assessed user responses to a colored indicator on the device's home screen that indicated the current price.

Our results show that 1) users adjust their usage according to colored price indicators, 2) optimized TDP can significantly reduce the peak-to-average ratio of daily usage patterns, and 3) due to discounts in off-peak periods, TDP can induce users to significantly increase their overall usage.

Upcoming Trials with Partner ISPs

We are currently preparing both TUBE (time-dependent pricing) and IDS (intelligent demand shaping) trials with large ISPs in both the United States and India. We will trial our TDP system with MTA (Matanuska Telephone Association), a small ISP in Alaska; Reliance Communications, the second-largest ISP in India; and AT&T in the United States. We are also preparing MAP and IDS trials with Reliance and an IDS trial on Comcast's wired network.