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Take control of your data and stay within your budget with Datawiz

With DataWiz, users can precisely monitor mobile device usage and predict future usage based on current habits. You can maximize usage without going over your monthly mobile bill. This innovative technology, developed by the great minds at Princeton University's EDGE Lab, empowers you to take control of your mobile data plan and keep expenses within your budget.

With a sleek, user-friendly interface, easy-to-understand visual graphs, data usage quota caps, and regular alerts, you'll never go over your limit.

SLEEK, INTUITIVE INTERFACE: With a clean, clear, and simple interface, DataWiz is easy to set up and use

SMART DESIGN: DataWiz delivers its tracking information via two complex algorithms: The first is used to recommend the daily cap by taking into account previous usage and the remaining balance, and the second algorithm calculates the expected budget for the rest of the billing cycle.

INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING: Motivated by the elimination of unlimited data plans by wireless service providers, Princeton University's EDGE Lab developed DataWiz based around its revolutionary TUBE Project. The goal of the project is to bridge the gap between consumers and providers by incentivizing both sides to make wireless data accessible and affordable to all.

UNDERSTAND YOUR DATA USAGE: In addition to tracking the amount of data usage, DataWiz educates users on the types of downloads and streaming that use the most bandwidth. With the inevitable disappearance of unlimited pricing plans, the ability to understand and precisely track your data usage with DataWiz is essential!