Datami is motivated by the growth in mobile (and wired) demand for data and ISPs' (Internet Service Providers) increasing inability to meet this demand. We are working on several projects that explore different solutions for ISPs and users.

Our DataWiz app helps consumers keep track of their data usage, as ISPs increasingly implement usage-based charging for data. TUBE(Time-Dependent Pricing) goes a step beyond usage-based charging: if ISPs charge users more in congested hours, they will shift some of their traffic to off-peak hours, thereby lowering the peak network load and saving ISPs money. IDS(Intelligent Demand Shaping) adds another dimension: instead of just shifting usage, ISPs can limit consumers' bandwidth during congested times in a fair and efficient manner.

We assess TDP's and IDS's feasibility in our MAP(Measurement, Analytics, and Profiling) project, which analyzes real traffic data from large ISPs and uses it to propose effective congestion management measures. Finally, our newest initiative studies WiFi offloading: instead of shifting or shaping traffic on congested cellular data networks, ISPs can move their traffic altogether onto less congested networks, such as WiFi or femtocells.

Datami's projects fall under the umbrella of "smart data pricing," or SDP, research in the computer networking community. As demand for mobile and wired data grows, SDP is becoming an increasingly urgent research area in both academia and industry. In recognition of this growing prominence, the Princeton EDGE Lab recently hosted a Smart Data Pricing Forum to discuss SDP with industry and academia leaders.

News and Quick Links

(Oct 2012) We host a Smart Data Pricing (SDP) Workshop in IEEE INFOCOM 2013, Turin, Itay. Please submit your papers!

(August 2012) Our consumer facing app, DataWiz for iPhone and Android is available. Check out the video!

(August 2012) TUBE is presented at ACM Sigcomm 2012 in Helsinki, Finland

(July 2012) The EDGE Lab hosts a Smart Data Pricing Forum to discuss trends in mobile data pricing with industry and academic leaders

(July 2012) Paper on TUBE's applications to smart grid is published in IEEE Journal of Selected Areas on Communications

View the MobiSys demo video

TUBE demo videos available