2013.02   Textbook wins PROSE Book Award

2013.02   3 Nights and Done Launched

2013.02   The First Adaptive Book Released

2012.12   Chiang speaks at NJTC Event

2012.12   IEEE INFOCOM 2013 SDP

2012.11   MOOC and Flipped Classroom

2012.11   Chiang speaks at LTE North America 2012

2012.11   DataWiz App Heavily Downloaded

2012.09   Open online course attracts 42000 students

2012.09   Network 20Q Book published

2012.09   Chiang speaks at NYC Media Lab event

2012.09   Chiang chairs National IT R&D workshop

2012.07   Ha elevated to IEEE Senior Member

2012.06   Smart Data Pricing Forum July 30-31

2012.06   EDGE Lab publication venues diversify

2012.06   Chiang speaks at NJTC Mobile App Event

2012.05   Network course free open access in Fall

2012.03   IEEE INFOCOM Best Paper Award

2012.03   Media coverage of Twitter movie analysis

2012.03   Optimization of Networks at Princeton CISS

2012.01   Chiang selected IEEE ComSoc DL

2011.11   Chiang elected to be IEEE Fellow

2011.10   Chiang ranked high in citation impact

2011.09   EDGE Lab receives NSF Grant

2011.09   20Q About Your Networked Life

2011.09   TUBE features in NECA EXPO

2011.07   Chiang receives IEEE Tomiyasu Award

2011.07   Chiang promoted to Full Professor

2011.07   EDGE Lab on University homepage

2011.05   HP Funds Data Center Research

2011.05   Intel Funds Wireless Research

2011.05   Schedule Optimizer v1.0 Released

2011.05   EDGE Lab Open House Completed

2011.05   EDGE Lab Research Featured in Princeton News

2011.03   EDGE Lab — SES Initiates Research Program

2011.03   TUBE awarded Vodafone Wireless Innovation Competition Finalist

2011.03   EDGE Lab awarded in DARPA BLADE Program

2011.03   First Open House Announced

2010.11   Chiang joins plenary panel at GLOBECOM

2010.11   WiOpt Conference 2011 at Princeton

2010.11   Chiang gives plenary at SoCal NEGT

2010.08   Chiang gives Plenary talk at MOPTA

2010.08   Lan graduates and joins GWU faculty

2010.08   Chiang comments on Google-Verizon proposal

2010.07   Chiang delivers keynote at Telcordia meeting

2010.07   Chiang Delivers 15th Simon Stevin Lecture at KU Leuven

2010.07   EDGE Lab Receives 5-Year MURI Grant

2010.07   EDGE Lab Receives 5-Year NSF Grant

2010.07   EDGE Lab Receives Google Grant

2010.06   EDGE Lab Equipment Up and Running

2010.06   Joint Whitepaper with NECA on National Broadband Plan Released

2010.06   EDGE Lab seminars

2010.03   Chiang delivers plenary panel speech at Infocom

2010.02   Google Funds Data-Center Optimization Project

2009.12   Socio-Technological Network research project profiled

2009.12   Double Best Paper Awards at IEEE Globecom

2009.11   Chiang comments on wireless network neutrality

2009.11   Princeton EE NEWS

2009.11   Opening of the EDGE Lab
In an informal event, Chiang's research group together with some of the alumni and local industry sponsors got together on November 8, 2009 and kicked off the EDGE Lab with a half day research workshop. Some of the slides can be found below:

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