1st Smart Data Pricing Workshop, 2012

In an era defined by $10 per GB and 108% annual growth rate of capacity demand, Smart Data Pricing (SDP) will play a major role in the future of mobile, broadband, and content. SDP can refer to (a) usage pricing with throttling/booster, (b) time/location/app/congestion dependent dynamic pricing, (c) two-sided 1-800 pricing, (d) WiFi offloading/proactive caching, (e) quota-aware content distribution... and any combination of the above. It can help create happier consumers/enterprise users, less congestion and better QoE, lower CapEx/OpEx, higher revenue/profit margin, less churn, more consumption and ad revenue to content/app providers. But it also requires smart interfaces among pipe providers and content/app providers, and a combination of smart ideas, smart execution, and smart marketing.

We have had the opportunity to interact with many carriers and vendors in recent years on fundamental research, system implementation, user trial, and public relations of SDP. This SDP Forum 2012 will help all of us discuss common interests across industry and academia. It will also create whitepapers to educate the public and the media about the win-win that awaits the whole ecosystem.


Mung Chiang, Princeton University
Soumya Sen, Princeton University


Date: July 30-31, 2012 (1.5 Day Workshop)
Location: Computer Science Building, Princeton University

The First Smart Data Pricing Summit in Princeton is an attempt to bring together leading researchers and practitioners from the industry (ISP, Content Providers, Vendors) and academia (Engineering, Economics, Business)

Panel discussion topics include congestion pricing innovation proposals, regulatory impact, new applications, business models and practices, future directions.

Registration is free, but by invitation only. If you are interested in participating, please contact chiangm@princeton.edu or soumyas@princeton.edu.

Program Format

  1. Keynotes
  2. Short Talks
  3. Panels, Followed by Open Discussions
    1. Smart Data Pricing: Directions for the Future
    2. Monetization of Spectrum Challenges & Trends
    3. Two-sided Pricing Innovations & Sponsored Content
    4. Hardware/Software Support & Standardization in Smart Pricing
    5. Security, Regulatory, and Consumer Aspects of Smart Pricing
  4. Demo Session