Fairness of Multi-Resource Allocations





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People have been arguing about fairness for thousands of years. Though fairness can mean many different things, we propose a mathematical theory of fairness for allocating resources to multiple people. This theory is based on four fairness axioms, which yield a unique family of functions that quantify the fairness of a given resource allocation.

This website summarizes the Princeton EDGE Lab’s investigation of this family of fairness functions, from their mathematical properties to their relationship with people’s perceptions of fairness. Our work on using these functions for multi-resource allocations won the Best Paper Award at IEEE Infocom 2012. We have also compiled a database of related works on fairness, from fields as diverse as computer science, economics, political science and sociology.

We are currently investigating the relationship between our fairness functions and the experimental results. As part of this research, we invite you to take our fairness surveys and see how your perceptions of fairness compare with others’. We also welcome your comments and suggestions.

Research Team

Carlee Joe-Wong Soumya Sen Tian Lan Mung Chiang
Carlee Joe-Wong Soumya Sen Tian Lan Mung Chiang