Fairness of Multi-Resource Allocations


Further Information

This fairness project is part of Princeton University's EDGE Lab in the electrical engineering department. The project is led by Carlee Joe-Wong and Soumya Sen, in collaboration with Tian Lan at George Washington University. Most of the work shown in these pages is presented in more detail in our technical report. Some of this work was published at IEEE Infocom 2012 (C. Joe-Wong, S. Sen, T. Lan, and M. Chiang, "Multi-Resource Allocation: Fairness-Efficiency Tradeoffs in a Unifying Framework") and received the Best Paper Award at that conference. Our study of multi-resource allocation is based on the family of single-resource fairness functions introduced at IEEE Infocom 2010 (T. Lan and M. Chiang, "An Axiomatic Theory of Fairness in Network Resource Allocation").

We can be reached at the following address:

Physical address: B313, Engineering Quad, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544

Email: fairness.edgelab@gmail.com

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